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For. All. Since 2012.

As strategic group with origins in Colombia, stablished to improve quality of life through sustainable services. Based on systematic structures to achieve an expanding catalog; from building construction and technology, to consultancy, assistance and functional services. In 2016, SONOROX, an acoustics materials dealer, was acquired in order to change the perspetive of commercial architecture. Later in 2018, LUMIED, as a lighting design company, joined becoming part of a negotianion with the idea of visual comfort revolution. It was until 2022, while transitioning to sustainable technologies and developing residential projects, when the acquisition of DECOLATO arrives after being in a joint venture, a building automation and architecture firm, closing a deal in 2023 including their patents and scalated calculations software.

The presence in the market of the South-American group is solid and growing stronger, performing a successful sinergy with a broad range of services available for users and their needs. Pointing today towards international horizons with the capacity to be leaders in industry.


Where light meets sound.

Established as an acoustic materials dealer company, was the perfect parter for commercial and hospitality solutions. With more than 29.872m2 in surface of acoustic treatment products sold, is currently owned by Siete4 being in charge of comfort and architecture complements for today's projects.


From Design To Reality.

A lighting design studio focused on facade and exteriors. Using what they called "kinectic lighting" with the capability to dynamically create stuning effects using software calculations and simulations. Implemented BIM and CAD technologies together with photometrics, simulating 3D illuminated projects in real time. The company joined Siete4 becoming crucial for lighting solutions.


Everything. Possible.

As a concept of interior design and building technologies, from home automation to professional audio; it was a firm of integral projects, focused on decor and living expirience. Their architecture deparment joined engineering, finding a way to make every project possible. Today, it became part of Siete4, leading the CONTRACT line which fulfills remodeling and buildings necesities with more than 468 projects excecuted.

Spaces. As they should be.
Welcome to all about environment developing.

In Siete4 we believe in having a better and sustainable world. Challenges ahead are oportunities that could bring a huge improvement, in therms of lifestyle and the way we live.

This is the new era for projects developing and up next you will be able to explore through our services available on this segment, in a very simple way of "stages":

  • "It all starts with imagination and creativity."

    Every project should begin with common basics in order to take any solution to it's bests levels. We highly recommend to Design and apply it's principles before obtaining any other service, starting construction, building procedure or remodeling process.

    Contact us, we can assist in your plans.

  • "Now it's time to materialize."

    Estructures and materials are essentials, however, there is more that leads projects to the maximum optimization and their relationship with the ecosystem. Efficiency and sensorial comfort such as Textures, Acoustics and Ventilation are capable to take spaces to next level. While the Urban, Facades and Landscapes can be taken as expresion of nature.

    Contact us and let us know what are you up to build.

  • "Enjoy interaction as it serves you."

    Lighting, Audio & Video, Security, Automation, Appiances, HVAC and more are today's standards. So, how is techology going to work all together in a simple way for you?

    Contact us and we will do it.

  • "And... let emotions go."

    Personality and small details to give criteria, then feelings will take the lead. Decor should be fun and it's basically the last step that stays around forever.

    Contact us, sure we will have special pieces.

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Property. In Huge.
Welcome to all about land goods developing.

Soon... Siete4, will offer alternatives to common real estate transactions, operations and management.

Currently we are working on this segment, however, you can navigate through the services we will have available next:

  • "Profit as the target."

    Real estate has two sides; the ownership and the usage. As for today they both are investments in different ways and we know it. So, Mortgage, Lease and Rent are common basis for this, now, how did we transform it?.

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  • "Relationships that expands horizons."

    Team results will be always better, that is why thinking about shared areas is a great idea. It creates unlimited oportunities while privacy is still a top priority for partnerships and Businesses.

    Newsletters are available, in case you want to know sooner.

Questions?, just Ask.
For more, we'd like to invite you joining our Newsletters.